Please note: this review is for the 2002 season rather than the current season.

by sparkly_stick after attending on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at about 3:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


Signage / Visibility / Location

it's down a country road, and it's dark, but keep a good eye out and get the directions before hand

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

there was no wait. we got to go right into the maze.


we were in the maze for over an hour, and we didn't even finish!

Actors' Performance

some of the charcters were not too involved in the maze, sometimes chatting with other characters, but they usually stopped as soon as they saw you coming. Can't blame them though, most them just wander through the maze all night. Some specific characters were somewhat scary, and some charcters just loooooved to follow you around for a few minutes! sometimes they could be slightly bothersome. There wasn't any "performances" per say, but some spooky scenes/sites can be found in the maze.

Appropriate For



The maze is huge! They provide you with a map, but it really doesn't help much when you have no point of reference, which was most often. you're given a punch card and you have to find all 6 punch points.
I think that there were 2 seperate mazes, because one of the patrons asked me if we were in the "scary" maze- his daughter looked scared. and there looked to be 2 mazes on the map.
At the end of the maze you fill out your punch card and are entered in a drawing for prizes like mountain bikes! You do not have to go through all the points in order to leave the maze- i couldn't find them all!! The maze is very big- it's definetely a fun time, but it almost seems too long! =)
I would recommend wearing old shoes- the path was dirt and muddy the day we went. Also bring a flashlight if it's dark out!!! They recommend it so you can find the punches better. You can buy one there for $3 if not. I found it to be practically a necessity.
also, not all the information on this website seemed to be accurate, we went on a thursday and left around 10pm and cars were still being admitted. Plus it was $7.50 for adults, but they have coupons although i haven't seen any.

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