Please note: this review is for the 2002 season rather than the current season.

by flowerqt after attending on Friday, October 18, 2002 at about 2:45 p.m.

Fun Factor: Low Fear Factor: Low


Signage / Visibility / Location

We knew the area so we had no trouble finding it, although it was behind the building and there were no signs that we saw.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

None, we stood and stared at the people coming out of the port-of-potty for about an hour.


It lasted about 20-25 mins. and half of that was the intro skit about why the theater is supposed to be haunted. This was kind of corny.

Actors' Performance

Over all the performances were good...if you meant to go see a play. We planned on going to a scary haunted house and it was definately not what we expected.

Appropriate For

all ages, i could have brought my 4 year old daughter


A little pricey compared to some of the other haunted houses that actually scared the crap out of me. The Splatter Haus in Sheboygan was definately the best so far!!

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