October 17, 2014


Final season for some local haunts


2014 marks the final season for three Wisconsin haunted attractions; The Panic Chambers Hotel in Gresham, the House of Bathory in Manitowoc and possibly Hubertus House of Horror in Hubertus, 

The Panic Chambers Hotel now in its third season has outgrown its space and will be moving to Menominee, Michigan. If you want to visit a former hotel, gentlemen’s retirement home and bath house for loggers, get their before the season ends on October 31st.

The House of Bathory is in its 25th season and owner Dawn Dabeck has decided it's time for a new adventure. Scares this year  include a slide, a scene out of  "The Human Centipede"  and as always, some touching. Visit them before they close on November 1st.

Hubertus House of Horror is in their 31st season and weren't expecting it to be their final. A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee told FOX6  that the haunted house “is not representative of Catholic values or the Catholic community." A St. Gabriel Parish priest told FOX6 there were concerns about “circumstances or situations that did not seem to align with the joy of the Gospel message.” We hope Hubertus House of Horror will be able to stay open despite these concerns, but make sure you visit them before they close on November 1st in case they aren't allowed to open again.


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