July 25, 2011

Madison Horror Film Festival returns October 8th


Via Press Release On Saturday October 8th, Madison Horror once again presents the Madison Horror Film Festival. The event will be at the Market Square Cinema located at 6604 Odana Rd. in Madison, WI. In addition to great independent short and feature films in the horror genre, Madison Horror is inviting in a couple of very talented young filmmakers to showcase their work.    Christopher R. Mihm is known for such past films as “The Monster of Phantom Lake” and “Cave Women from Mars”.  Christopher’s films are made in the 50’s atomic age cinema style with great monster characters and are...


July 24, 2011

Halloween merchandise beginning to show up in stores!

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

Hey everyone! Big Daddy here.The staff and I have began our yearly pilgrimage to stores to report what Halloween merchandise has been rolled out. I can report the following stores have some level of Halloween merchandise on the shelves:Michael's on Hwy 100 and National - full merchandise will arrive mid AugustHallmark in Southridge Mall - very limited stock; full merchandise will be out July 25thBartz's on Hwy 100 - shelves are about a quarter stocked with merchandise, with more being put out soon.Stay tuned for more updates.The Daddy. . .


July 13, 2011

It's time to start thinking about fall

Halloween Hodgepodge

Sure, the temps this weekend may be in the 90's, but it's time to start thinking about fall. The 4th of July holiday is over, school supplies are filling store shelves, and "end of summer" sales are taking place (even though technically summer started less than a month ago). Yankee Candle has come out with their new fall fragrances, which include Kitchen Spice and Pumpkin Buttercream (yum!) among others. Dollar Tree stores are slowly bringing out their Halloween items which include the plastic body parts and fingers, and Michaels also has a few items out like Halloween flags and "stuffed"...


July 3, 2011

Greater Milwaukee Paranormal Research Group (GMPRG)

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

As you have read, HauntedWisconsin.com has formed an affiliation with the Greater Milwaukee Paranormal Research Group (www.gmprg-wi.com).Big Daddy has recently had the honor of meeting with DW Steffen and his team. I can personally vouch for their character, integrity, and professionalism in their pre-investigation research as well as their search for the truth.The GMPRG consists of dedicated individuals who are focused on helping those that ask for their assistance.We look forward to our fans learning more about the GMPRG and learning from them. Their is more to a paranormal investigation than the over-dramatized shows on TV.Big Daddy signing out. ....


June 27, 2011

Submit your Halloween event information

HW Updates

Summer may have just begun, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the fall to submit your Halloween event information to HauntedWisconsin.com. Take a few minutes now to update or send us this year's information. If you have registered in the past, you can click here to login and update your event information. Contact us if you forgot your user name or can’t remember if you registered. We can find out for you. Please note: We recently updated our login page, so if experience any problems logging into your Haunted Wisconsin account, you will need to clear the cookies...


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