October 27, 2008

Long Time

Adam's Blog

Wow, I'm not sure how I managed to go through the entire haunt season without updating! I guess it's been a pretty busy month! I missed out on Haunts this past weekend as I was visiting family up north and could not find any haunts nearby :( I am hoping to get out this weekend and try some out. I always go to Dewayne Asylum and I haven't made it yet and I want to check out Splatter Haus's new location too, but with Halloween three days away and my little sister having a Halloween party on the 1st I'm not sure What's gonna happen. If anyone has any ideas in quick and easy party activities let me know, I could use the help! Feel free to email [email protected], click my name in the corner or just leave a comment on here. Take care all, make the last week a good one!!!


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