September 12, 2018

Halloween Hodgepodge

Halloween or "Trick or Treat Day"


It's a debate that's lasted for decades and can get heated. Should trick-or-treating be held on Halloween or moved to a date that's more convenient? This year communities in Wisconsin are holding trick-or-treating on the Saturday or Sunday before Halloween and on Halloween night. In past years some even hold trick-or-treating on the weekend AFTER Halloween. It can be quite confusing to know when and where kids will be out searching for candy.


I recently came across an interesting article and news story about a pair of Connecticut radio hosts who created a petition to create a "Trick or Treat Day". They want Halloween to remain October 31st but want to move trick-or-treating to the last Saturday in October. Their reasoning is that more children and adults could enjoy visiting their neighbors and wouldn't have to worry about staying up late or being out to late and a school/work night.


In the past I was a staunch Halloween night only supporter, however I now lean more towards what their suggestion is. With trick-or-treating being held on one day, instead of multiple dates like we currently have, everyone would know that kids will be out and would hopefully be more cautious while driving. Communities and neighborhoods could make it a daylong celebration. Halloween could still be celebrated on Halloween night. Watch scary movies, Halloween cartoons, tell ghost stories, check out local homes decorated for Halloween or start a new tradition.


What do you think? Would you be in favor of having a designated state wide "Trick or Treat Day"?


In the meantime, visit our trick-or-treat page to see the dates & times for over 150 communities. The list will be updated through Halloween as we receive information. If you know the date and time for a local city/town/village that's not listed, including downtown trick-or-treating events, please send me an email with that information and I'll add it to the list.


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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