December 2, 2015


Fright Before Christmas 2015


Another Halloween has come and gone and the chilly weather has settled in, however you don't have to wait another year to visit a haunted attraction. Misery Haunted House in Berlin will open their doors on December 18 & 19 with their special Christmas themed haunt. Read on for more information if you dare...


Christmas just got a whole lot Scarier! This December, Misery Haunted House is fired up to bring you a little yule tide fear! Misery will be opening December 18th & 19th for a  special one weekend only holiday horror fest featuring a redesigned  X-Mas themed attraction.  Don't let the pretty lights and snow bring your adrenaline down this  winter, spice things up and come join us for the Fright Before Christmas, Because Misery Loves Company! Misery's Fright Before Christmas returns for its second year! Bigger and Badder in our new home! The Elves have taken over and Christmas will NEVER be the same again!

Doors Open at 6:30pm and tickets will be sold until 10:30pm. And don't let the big door fool you, we will have it closed to keep the heat in, please enter through the small door located just to the right!

Buy your tickets at the door for just $10 Or Online

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