September 19, 2012


New haunted attractions for 2012


(Updated 10/17/12) This year, Wisconsin will be home to a few new haunted attractions. Opening a  haunted attraction takes a lot of work, so we congratulate them on opening and wish them a spooktacular season! Be sure to check them out and give us your reviews.

Abandoned Haunted House Complex - Sturtevant

Abandoned is home to two haunted houses: 1) HYSTERIA, which is a mind-bending interactive haunted house 2) AMBUSH, our high-startle and attack haunted house, sure to scare just about everyone.

Haunted Alaskan Motel - Alaska

Unlucky 13 Haunted Design presents Haunted Alaskan Motel. No Vacancy!

The Alaskan Haunted Motel is a Halloween themed bar, restaurant and -- of course -- Haunted House. This roadside motel has now been transformed into a two story haunted house, full of twists, turns and of course, plenty of screams.

Janesville Community Haunted House - Janesville

The Janesville Community Haunted House is being put together as a fundraiser to help with the continued care of Katie Clayton, who was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her brain stem in March of 2011.

The Dark Side at The House on the Rock - Spring Green

If you have ever wondered if the dolls at The House on the Rock come alive at night, or if you find the displays troubling during the day, wait until you see them in the dark. Your nightmares will become real.

The Hill Has Eyes - Franklin

Prior to it being developed into a ski resort in the mid 1980s, the 130-acre site was a landfill. An area designated for disposal of nuclear waste was intended to be closed off to the public… or so they thought? Rumor has it that a local family inhabited a small mobile home in the corner of the property and went unnoticed to authorities. The nuclear waste caused gruesome mutations to the inhabitants of the site and they have become a danger to society.

The Insanitorium - New Glarus

Imagine the nightmare, wherein you are lost in darkness, terrifying noises surround you, and you are unable to get away. Now, you can live that nightmare this Halloween.

In the basement of an abandoned asylum, there were a few inmates lost and left behind. Forgotten, they lived their lives in the dark basement, undisturbed... until now. Find out if you have what it takes to survive in the twisted labyrinth of... THE INSANITORIUM!

The Panic Chambers Hotel - Gresham

A new haunted house experience that will make you overdose on fear!

Ripping out your innermost fears and pile driving them into the next century, PCH promises to deliver a heart pounding performance that will leave you gasping for air! In each chamber only your wildest and most horrific nightmares come true. This spine chilling evil will corrupt any daredevil's soul upon entrance!

April 24th, 2024 8:42 a.m. CDT 24.06