October 3, 2010

Andy's Web Log

My Fright Finder - Printable View


Some of you may have noticed the My Fright Finder feature on Haunted Wisconsin where you can create a list of haunts you want to visit by clicking the skulls in the event list or clicking on the "Add to My Fright Finder" link in event listings.

I use the feature to keep track of which haunts I want to go to each weekend.  This weekend, I wanted to print the list and realized it looked pretty terrible printed and it didn't have much useful information.

Today I added a printable view with a large map, more info for each event (including the address), a smaller map for each event, and a much more printer friendly layout.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  I'll try to add as many of your suggestions as I can in time for next weekend.

Some things I thought of (but don't know if I should include them) are:

  1. A link to Google maps with the event locations filled in for driving directions.
  2. GPS coordinates for entering in to GPS units
  3. A place to enter a starting address to be shown on the map (if you want to add your house or a meeting place to the printable map)
Happy Haunting!

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