October 30, 2009


All Hallow's Eve


Perhaps you are a Wiccan preparing to celebrate the New Year, bless the Guardians of the Watchtowers in a Samhain rite and give thanks for the harvest...  Perhaps you're a haunt fan preparing for a night of scares and screams...  Perhaps you are a parent of a family of four searching for trick or treat times and last minute party ideas...  Perhaps you are a haunt owner checking in on your web page and reviews...  Perhaps you are discovering this site for the first time because you heard our radio ad or saw our promo material at a Halloween Express...  Perhaps you are planning an evening of frights with friends.  Perhaps you are hoping to tour a paranormal anomoly.  Perhaps you need directions to The Darkside or verify the hours of Spooky Stalks.  Perhaps you'll surf the message boards while baking some fresh pumpkin seeds.  Perhaps you wish to take your niece on a hayride.  Perhaps the scent of Autumn triggered some childhood memories that you want to relive.

One thing is certain.  Today is the culmination of everything we love as much as life itself.  Today is what we wait 364 days for.  Today brings us a joy and fulfillment that only comes once a year.  Today we welcome the unknown, the unseen and the undead into our lives.  Today we masquerade.  Today we transform a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.  Today we become intoxicated by the mysterious and the macabre.  Today we embrace the nightfall and the shadows.  Today we accept the possibility of alternate realities.  Today we bridge the gap between the living and the dead.  Today we focus on the wind, the fallen leaves, the bumps in the night.  Today never arrives soon or lasts long enough.  Today we are here for one common purpose. 

This is Halloween.

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