October 24, 2009


Thanks for the scares


I want to extend a belated thank you to a few haunts for the hospitatlity and good times given to myself, my friends and family:

Spooky Stalks was great again this year.  We went on a moonless night which made the Milwaukee County corn maze that much scarier.  Bruce, the owner, put on a fantastic show (even though they aren't that scary, right Bruce?) and even mustered a a yelp out of a veteran like me.  Good job guys, that's not an easy task!  The maze has new scenes and scares for 2009 and is definitely worth the short drive up I-45.  Plenty of actors, unique scenes, effective scare tactics and it's a friggin corn maze in Milwaukee!!  This is a MUST see!!!!  I've attended Spooky Stalks every year since it began and have never been disappointed.  Big Mike is a maniac and so are you Bruce!  Thanks again for the frights.

Hauntfest treated my friends and family to VIP access and I am most thankful for that.  The show had some very unique scenes and utilized one of my all time favorite sets again this year, the cage room.  The actress in this scene, Anna (I hope I spelled that right), is one of my favorite actors every year.  I always look forward to her sadistic and unpredictable performance.  You'll know who she is when you enter this scene.  She is amazing!  The Michael Jackson tribute was pretty cool.  The recurring theme throughout the house was a little creepy.  The patty cake girls were just disturbing.  Get to Hauntfest early as the lines build quickly.  Great show this year everyone! 

Emslie Farms in Pewaukee is in my own backyard practically!  I honestly didn't know what to expect from this haunt, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself scurrying through some of the scenes and gasping in fright.  Some of the sets were very unique and the clowns are freaky to say the least.  The cage maze holds a surprise for you, I promise (evil laugh).  Along with the haunted barn, there's also a corn maze on site as well as a hayride.  Plus visitors can pickup fresh pumpkins while attending.  This haunt offers a more tame daytime venue for families and a delightful pumpkin assortment all day long (I'll be purchasing my pumpkins from Emslie this year).  Thanks again to the staff at Emslie Farms for the scares and hospitality.  We were impressed.

Salem's Plot has one of the freakiest, creepiest and overall awesomest (yes, awesomest) environments I've ever seen.  The property surrounding the haunt facility is reminescent of the Firefly familiy's yard in House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects.  It's a wonderland of collected "junk" that adds depth and mystery to the haunt.  The property offers a really cool gift shop, a haunted train ride, pumpkins and of course the main attraction.  Salem's Plot actors certainly love their jobs and put on a great show.  The scenes are over-the-top and presented in a fashion I've never experienced in my many years of haunting.  I want to thank the staff and owners for the behind-the-scenes tour and the warm (actually it was freezing that night) reception once they were aware the HW staff was on site.  We even had our pictures taken!  Rockstar treatment lol.  Thanks for the real Wisconsin haunt anecdotes, the swinger story and making our journey to Salem a memorable one.

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