August 22, 2009

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

It's about that time, GIGGITY!


Hey Halloween freaks, Big Daddy here! Halloween is in the air - especially after today's high is only in the upper 60's. . .MMM can almost smell the scent of cooking pumpkin seeds. . .

Been making my way to the usual stores to check out the Halloween merchandise. . . I have endured the funny faces and odd stares when I ask when the merchandise will be out. . .but there are a couple of stores that are already getting into the "spirit". . . Luckily, I now have someone to take with me - my one year old son. AHH, to see Halloween thru the eyes of a child. . . rather than always being called childish. . .

Michaels: as usual, they are, from my experience, the first to start putting out Halloween stuff. This year, they have not disappointed! They have new stuff that I have never seen before! Way cool. .

Walgreens: to my pleasant surprise, are already putting out Halloween candy.

Bartz's: Just drove by today and saw a sign that read "We are Halloween". Now, I think that us folks at Haunted Wisconsin are Halloween, but we'll give them that one. . .Can't wait to see what they have tomorrow!

That's all for now. . .

Big Daddy

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