July 27, 2009

Halloween Hodgepodge

It's time to start shopping for Halloween decorations


It's that time of year! Over the past week, I received two email ad's from Grandin Road and The Lakeside Collection letting me know that Halloween merchandise was now available on their websites.

Grandin Road is the pricier of the two, but has a nice selection and some decorations I haven't seen elsewhere. They also carry Martha Stewart's Halloween line. It seems that sparkle and bling is in for Halloween this year.

The Lakeside Collection only has a few Halloween items, but they do have a very spooky standing ghoul that's over 5ft tall and is only $19.95!  They also have a cute 16 piece bathroom set for the same price.

It may seem early to start your Halloween shopping, but you'll want to order soon because before you know it, the season will be over!

Grandin Road

Grandin Road Halloween

The Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside Collection Halloween

May 18th, 2024 3:26 p.m. CDT 24.08