October 17, 2008

Halloween Hodgepodge

Recap of our second Friday


On Friday, October 10th Andy, Dan, Sarah and I headed north and went to the following haunts:

Our first stop was the Sheboygan Jaycees Dominion of Terror. This was our second year visiting and we looked forward to seeing what was new. Everything! Thchainsaw dudee sets this year were amazing! My favorites included the city scenes, butcher shop and of course movie theater. Kudos to the butcher!
Creepy Clown
The clown near the end was super creepy and still haunts me. The last scene seemed to lack a bit as we were expecting something more to happen, but overall, you could see how much blood, sweat and tears went into it…especially blood. And of course you can never have too many chainsaws can you?

House of BathoryNext we headed to a first time haunt for all of us, The House of Bathory. We drove right past it at first  it but swung around and parked by some cars that made Dan drool. We got to the front and were a bit confused as to if we were supposed to buy tickets first or stand in line.

Luckily we were soon greeted by Dawn herself! Dawn is quite the character and we learned all about the Bathory story and got a tour of her store.
DawnWe then started our journey through madness. This haunt was absofrickenloutly fabulous and has won the spot as my favorite haunt of the year (so far)!! There aren’t any other haunts that I know of that actually touch you, but the actors here do and I LOVE it! It makes it that much scarier and creepier. The Willy Wonka character was dead on as well as the Cheech and Chong characters. Who would have thought you’d see Cheech and Chong in a haunt?! Note to the ladies - no skirts or high heels in this haunt! You’ll need to crawl with actors under you and go down a slide. All the actors were awesome (though I could do with a little less screaming in the hair salon). The kids even creeped me out! Thank you to everyone for doing such a spooktaular job!

I didn’t think that could be topped, but we headed further north to Nightmare on Main. When we pulled up we saw a couple of signs and a very dead looking street. We walked into an ice cream shop that was pretty empty and talked to the owners for a bit. We were told they don’t do much advertising or promoting. Honestly, my first thought was, this is going to be a waste of time…but I was wrong! We were taken to the back and told to go up some stairs and play the keyboard. We first Nightmare on Mainknocked on the wrong door and were told to try the other. This was just the start of looking for doors. This haunt is much bigger and better than it looks. They have a great cage maze which is just that! We ended up in several dead ends all while a light flashed every once in a while and a ghoul kept spooking us. Throughout the haunt we had to go through several more mazes, hidden doors, crawl, and get separated from the group. They even have a pool table and one room and I was told to make the shot in the far right corner over multiple bugs and webs or I would be separated from the group. I made the shot but still got separated! lol After we got to the end, I wanted to go through and do it all over again! If you’re in the area, you should really check this haunt out! They do a great job and I hope to go back again next year.

Afterwards we hurried back the way we came and found the new Splatter Haus location. Luckily we made it before closing and were one of the last groups to go through. Once again Splatter Haus had some larger than life props and even had a creepy character flying above our heads. Unfortunately, there was no slide this year, which is something I always look forward to. We spook to the owners afterwards and found out they plan to use more of the building in future years and they now own the building so there will be no more moving! This will allow them to get even scarier and crazier since they’ll have all year to work on it. Next year should be mind blowing!

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