October 2, 2008

Halloween Hodgepodge

Appleton trick-or-treating hours extended


Kevin Hash is an inspiring young lad at 13 years of age. He went before the Appleton common council and requested that trick-or-treat be held until 8pm instead of the original 7pm  to accommodate changes in family lifestyles and daylight savings time.

I hope more communities take this into account as well and extend their trick-or-treat times until 8pm when holding Halloween on a weekday.  Most households now have both parents working and by the time they get home, feed the kids, get their costumes/make-up on, trick-or-treat is almost over. Let kids have this opportunity to be kids, get dressed up in fun costumes and have fun. Let them have the fun memories with their families!

I know many people also want to see trick-or-treat be held on Halloween itself. While I'd like to agree, I have many fond memories of being able to go trick-or-treating twice! We would go to my grandparents house in Menomonee Falls and trick-or-treat there. She always had those McDonald's Halloween food coupons as well as candy. (Do they even make the Halloween food coupons anymore?) Then we'd get to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood in Waukesha.

As I got older, I would still dress up, but would stay home and hand out candy which was still lots of fun and I still do it!

So, while I don't mind trick-or-treat being held on different days, I'd like to see it being held so there's enough time for families to get ready and have fun together!

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