June 30, 2008

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

And so it begins. . .


Every year, I wait upon baited breathe, for the arrival of the first Halloween merchandise of the season! And every year, to my surprise, it has arrived earlier and earlier.

Last year, I began checking for Halloween stuff around the end of July. Fortunately, I was able to find items that began trickling in at the local Wally World, Targea, and Michaels.

This year, I had a feeling; call it intuition or a 666 sense. . . But on June 28, I stopped off at the Michael's on hwy 100 and National Avenue . . . low and behold, HALLOWEEN MERCHANDISE!

I was not dreaming, nor was I drinking (MUCH), but there it was . . . porcelain houses, “scary” signs, plastic pumpkins, etc. I can liken it to seeing the pearly gates of heaven - Halloween heaven. . I was in Halloween heaven!

Not only was it 80 degress out, it was JUNE! WHOO HOO!

My wife thought I was nuts (and still does), but I was (and still am) giddy with excitement!

And so it begins, my fellow Halloween freaks - the Halloween season has unofficially started; and officially started for the RC and staff of www.hauntedwisconsin.com!

Stay tuned. . .

Your Big Daddy

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