NOTE: This is a 2020 listing. All information listed pertains to 2020 only and does not apply to 2022.

Wickedly Grande's Food Scare for St. Joseph's Food Program (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

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Welcome to Wickedly Grande! We are family-friendly haunted food drive benefiting St. Joseph's Food Program! Please help us feed the Fox Valley by donating non-perishable items to our donation bin located at the edge of the driveway.

Wickedly Grande has been haunting southeastern, and now northeastern Wisconsin since 2001. Our walk through home display is designed for those who like things creepy and gross but not too gory. We consider ourselves a "Starter Haunt", a place for families to introduce their children to the joys of the Halloween season. We are free (your non-perishable donation is highly encouraged), an outdoor walk through event, and open to the public.

Returning visitors know that our theme changes from year to year. We recently concentrated our efforts and have settled on two major ones we will rotate : cemetery and haunted farm. The majority of our props are home made and static, with a few store bought ones, and some which are animated. thrown in. Who appears each year is dependent on the theme and their purpose in the story we are telling.We begin prop construction in spring and set up the end of September. Since it takes a few weeks to set up, we urge you to watch for our "Opening Night" announcement on our Facebook page.

Hours of operation are Noon - 9 PM daily. Operations are weather dependent, so please check our Facebook page for weather related closures. Noon - 6 viewing is low sensory/static viewing - no music, fog, light, or animated props. It is recommended for families who want to bring smaller children for their first Halloween haunt experience, those with special needs, and those who would like the ability to see some of the details hidden by the darkness. Full operations (lights, music, fog, animated props) takes place 6-9.

Since we are a home haunt located in a subdivision, we ask your consideration of our neighbors when you visit. Note that we are located behind Houdini Elementary School and traffic on our street is very busy from 3 - 3:30 during school days. We do not have sidewalks, so please walk up our driveway, enter between the columns, follow the path to the exit, then walk along the outer edge of the fence to get your best views. Taking pictures and videos is allowed, but only from your side of the fence (for safety reasons). We do ask that you do not touch or try to move the props as they are heavy. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to say "Hi".

We welcome you to our haunted home, hope you enjoy the bit of magic we created, and thank you for contributing to the work of St Joseph's Food Program!

Happy Halloween!!!

NOTE: This is a 2020 listing. All information listed pertains to 2020 only and does not apply to 2022.

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