NOTE: This is a 2019 listing. All information listed pertains to 2019 only and does not apply to 2020.

Grimley Manor Lake Geneva

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Every Town has That One House. You know the House. The Dark Creepy House the Neighbors whisper about. The ones the kids avoid and scare each other with stories about the House. Stories like the Demented and Crazy Family and the Dead bodies that are buried in the Cellar. At Dusk, Strange lights can be seen glowing in the Attic. And Ghosts are rumored to walk the Halls on Full Moon Nights. The House, where unsettling and strange noises such as Screaming, Howling and Chains Rattling can be heard on the nights close to Halloween.

Well on the South Side of Geneva Lake sits That House. Grimley Manor is a REAL Gothic Style Victorian House that was built in 1893. And at Halloween time we add a few Eerie Elements and Dismal Decor to add to its already Natural creepiness.

DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL HAUNTED ATTRACTION. We are a family that loves Halloween and happen to live in a House that for the Last 15 Years unusual and unexplained "Things" have happened here.

The Grimley Family invites you or rather dares you to visit our True Haunted Home. No one will chase you around with a chainsaw or pop out to scare the dickens out of you. Grimley Manor is more of a Dark Halloween exhibit crafted by "Macabre" Grimley the Mistress of the House with help from her Hunchbacked Husband Vladamir that we have compiled for the last 20 years.

How scary is it? Its Spooky, Creative and Dark in Humor, but not Gory and Stomach churning that the big attractions try and deliver. Although let us remind you that our House has a natural Creepiness to it that some may find a little too much. This Year we Feature, The Grimley Graveyard, The Ghoulish Garden, and The Sinister Cellar, which is a real walk thru our real Cellar, where we keep most of the Monsters, Ghouls, Spooks, and Scary Dolls. As well as some other things we have up our sleeves! So come out for a Spooky Time. Who knows you might meet up with one of our Resident Ghosts!

We welcome Fearful Families, Ghoulish Groups, or The loner if you think you are brave enough. Please Watch your step around the Hose, especially in The Grimley Graveyard where fresh Graves have been added. Have any Questions feel free to e-mail me or visit our Facebook page Grimley Manor Lake Geneva! Hope to Spook you!

NOTE: This is a 2019 listing. All information listed pertains to 2019 only and does not apply to 2020.

2019 Dates & Times

October 25-31; November 1-3

We accept Victims, I mean Guests starting Friday October 25 thru Sunday Nov.3.
Mondays- Thursdays- 4 PM- 8 PM **** On Thursday Oct. 31, Halloween we will be open til 9/10 ish.
Fridays- 4 PM-9 PM
Saturdays- 2 PM- 9 PM
Sundays- 2 PM- 8 PM.
Saturdays and Sundays are great times to bring the Kiddies during Daylight hours. We also hand out Candy during those times on our trick or treat path.

Feel free to stop by The Grimley Graveyard anytime thru out October though.

Cost & Discounts

There is no charge to experience Grimley Manor although we do wholeheartedly accept Donations for upkeep of the Haunted House. We are a Spooky Family but also one with a big heart so we also accept non perishable food for a local food Pantry. Also if you have any Halloween decor you do not use anymore or have any old Pictures or Portraits, Dark Colored Fabric or White Fabric, PVC Pipe, old small motors, or anything else you may think a Home Haunter like Me might find a use for please donate it for next years Home Haunt which I am looking forward to making it bigger.


W3274 S. Lakeshore
Lake Geneva WI 53147



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How to Find Us


We are located on the SOUTH side of Geneva Lake, on South Lakeshore on the Corner of Elm and South Lakeshore. Between Lake Geneva and Walworth.
From The Riviera in Downtown Lake Geneva we are 3.8 miles/ 8 minutes. Pass Big Foot Beach State Park go around the curve on South Lakeshore and proceed to Elm Street. We will be on your right.
From Walworth we are located 7 Miles/ 8 Minutes. 2 House's down from Hillside (Where Hillside Pier is) and we will be on your left.

Look for the Spooky House! Google us for further directions.

Please DO NOT PARK on South Lakeshore, on the front of Grimley Manor. Please park on Elm, but please be careful as it is under construction or park between the Grassy area between the large Pine Tree and The large Oak Tree. Beware of the Tree Gremlins though. Or Park in our driveway but please do not block other cars in.


W3274 S. Lakeshore
Lake Geneva WI 53147

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42.591680 / -88.433430



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