September 13, 2009

Ghost Story Submissions!

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

Here is another submission - thanks to Larry from The Haunted Barn for this one!

One night, my wife decided to go out to the Barn to make sure there was nothing left in the refrigerator that may freeze since it was winter time and the Haunted Barn had closed for the season.

As she walked toward the barn she noticed some lights running. She found it strange since everything is unplugged after we close down. So, she went and shut off the lights and removed a few things from the refrigerator. She told me about the lights and it made no sense since I had been in there just a couple days earlier and I would have noticed if the lights were on since I was in the hallway where they are located.

So, the next day she comes and tells me “Those lights are on again ". I walked up to the Barn and yes, they were on and not too hard to miss either. So as I was walking into the Barn I heard another noise. I followed the noise and found the air compressor had been left on and was trying to run. It was really cold and the compressor itself was not moving but the belts were spinning and burning up. The entire room they were in was in extremely warm and the electric motor was so hot you couldn't touch it. I turned everything off and disconnected the power to the area. Then I went and shut off the lights, again. This time I made sure the power was completely unplugged.

So, was this just something weird happening at the right time or was something trying to get our attention. It may be nothing but no one likes to be in the Barn alone any more.

January 25th, 2020 3:26 p.m. CST 11.3