September 13, 2009

Ghost story submissions!

Johnny a.k.a. "Big Daddy"

Here is the first of many ghost story'/paranoramal events that I have received - Thanks to Pamela for this one!

As promised, I would post the best:

"My youngest son was 3 at the time of this event! The year was 1995.

    My son woke up about 2 AM screaming,  “The man in the overalls was going to hurt the woman in the checkered dress.” My son was crazy with fear. I, doing the mom thing, told him it was just a bad dream. I rocked him in my arms as he was shaking with fear. No matter what I said, he was sure, “That man was going to hurt the woman and I needed to stop him!” It was 7 AM before I got my son to fall asleep in my arms. 2 hours later, he awoke again and ran down our hall. I asked him where he was going and his response was, “I am looking for the blood, he stabbed her with a pitchfork, like a farmers!!!" I was now the one in shock. I told him again it was just a bad dream!! He looked at me, with fear in his face, and told me I was wrong, that it was real.

        Later that day, I was telling a neighbor about it. A man was standing nearby and over heard the whole thing. He walked up to me and said my son was seeing something that happened many years ago. He was a farm hand on the very land our apartments were built on. The farmer was a drunk and was very mean. It got so bad one day that he indeed did kill his wife with a pitchfork and dragged her body from the barn (located where our unit it is) to the house on the other end (across the lot from us). He set the house on fire, killing himself, their dog, and a child, just to cover up what he did! The farm was sold just after and our complex built in its place!!! We used to have security guards walking the grounds at that time, but most quit, saying strange things went on and they would never come back! One guard said he watched a couple walking the ground and when he went to chat, they vanished!!"

December 6th, 2019 8:13 p.m. CST 11.0