September 5, 2009

Welcome Big Daddy


  I want to take a minute to welcome the HauntedWisconsin staff's newest team member, Johnny "Big Daddy" Ramos.  

  Johnny is an RC OG, meaning he's one of the four original founding members of the Review Crew from year one.  He has contributed greatly to the success of this site, behind the scenes, for several years.  Well now he'll be on the front lines as a full time staff member.  Besides myself, Johnny is the only other full time slave to Jen and Andy, I mean employee. 

  Mr. Ramos' unique sense of humor and literary skills have proven invaluable to us and now we're proud to call him our own.  Besides being hugely successful and highly motivated in his personal life, Big Daddy has been a driving force for HW, both on the site or in a cornfield somewhere. 
He will assume the roles of a media liaison, Review Crew Senior Editor and special operations advisor.

Welcome aboard Johnny!!!! 

September 20th, 2019 2:19 a.m. CDT 1.14