October 3, 2009

Biggest Fan Haunt Night

Andy's Web Log

I'm sure you will be hearing more details from Johnny shortly but here is a quick summary of tonight.

Our biggest fan contest winner, Teri, may actually travel farther and to more haunts than we do! I'm feeling a little pressure to step it up and travel farther and to more haunts so as to not be outdone. Jenny and I have often wondered who the other people are when we are working on the site in February and see the counter read "12 visitors online." It's nice to be able to put some faces to the numbers.

We met for pizza at Paulo's Pizza and afterwards went through Monster Mayhem. I've mentioned this event before. It's not one of the scariest haunts around but it is a lot of fun. The cohesive storyline that you participate in is unique and makes this one of my favorite events in Wisconsin. This is a great event to take somebody on the fence about haunted houses to show them a good time without scaring them to death.

Next we headed over to Gilly's Haunted House to be part of the show. Opening weekend is always slow so we only got to scare a couple guests but seeing Johnny get painted red and yellow was priceless (I hope Jenny posts some pics). The very same makeup artist that painted Johnny red actually did a great job on Terri so I think Johnny must have offended the guy in a past life. Gilly's felt about twice as large as last year and opened with boat ride that is a really big addition what has always been a small event in the past. This is Gilly's best showing that I have seen yet.

Finally, we headed out to Wisconsin Fear Grounds. This wasn't initially on the itinerary but a last minute addition by Johnny.  They had no idea we were coming and it was near closing on opening weekend. Despite this, the show was fantastic. Morgan Manor was my favorite. It's a traditional haunted house with subtle effects, great actors, and incredible detail. Next came Morgana's torment which was more of a maze type with dark corridors, dead ends, and some gross out scares. Finally came "unstable" which is both a pun and the newest addition. Unstable is weird, and gross, and actually pushed one in our group to being really scared through most of it (no names to protect the innocent).

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