October 3, 2009

Four Reviews Already

Andy's Web Log

I just refreshed the reviews page and noticed four new reviews.  Thanks everybody!

We will be heading out to meet the contest winner in a few minutes.  I hope there will be a ton of reviews waiting when we get back late tonight :)

This year we are trying a new system where every review you post goes online automatically (updated hourly).  We are leaving the moderation to you, the community.  Vote up the best reviews with a 'yes' vote and vote down the bad reviews with a 'no' vote.  At the hourly update, your votes will be counted and the best reviews get promoted and the worst disappear into obscurity (behind the 'all' button).

Let me know your thoughts on the new review system in the comments below or on the message boards.  I'm especially interested in ideas for improvements and rough edges you find and would like cleaned up.

Happy haunting!

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