October 1, 2009

Hubertus House of Horror

Andy's Web Log

This is just a quick note to anyone who missed Hubertus House of Horror last year. The haunt season is just starting so now is a great time to visit those big name haunts that fill up past capacity towards the latter half of October.

Jenny and I have visited Hubertus House of Horror many years in the past but when we went last year, the event was already sold out at 7pm!  The operators took us on a tour of the house and it was easy to see why.  They have really stepped up the effects with some big and extremely well done things you won't see anywhere else.  The house started off with a big scare and continued on to a variety of unique scenes through the large house.  The only negative point was crowd control broke down towards the end of the house so scenes weren't able to "reset" as the congo-line of people marched through but that shouldn't be an issue this early in the season.

Pro tip: Hubertus House of Horror is near Terror on Rural Street and Hartford Jaycees  and all three have a ticket call system so if you plan it right, you can make all three in a single night.  If you live in Waukesha, you can even hit Wisconsin Fear Grounds on your way there like we do for a four-haunts-in-one-night whirlwind tour.

Now get out there and discover the best haunts while the lines are still short.  If you survive, don't forget to submit your reviews to so everyone can see you got there first.

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