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Zombie Shoot

Commando Paintball Sports

2055 W Frontier Rd, Little Suamico, WI 54141 (directions)


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Get ready for a night of heart-pounding thrills and spine-tingling chills at the Zombie Shoot! We're back and bigger than ever with a bone-chilling array of attractions that will leave you screaming for more.

The Zombus Showdown

Hop aboard the Zombus if you dare! Our custom-designed Zombus is your only ticket out of this apocalyptic nightmare. Armed with paintball guns, you and your fellow survivors must fend off hordes of ravenous zombies as you navigate the treacherous terrain of our paintball field. Can you keep your cool and survive the Zombus Showdown?

The Wicked Woods

Venture deep into the Wicked Woods if you have the courage! Our Haunted Trail will test your nerves as you navigate through a forest haunted by the spirits of the past. Twisted trees, ghostly apparitions, and unrelenting terrors lurk around every corner. Will you make it out unscathed, or will the Wicked Woods claim your sanity?

Glow in the Dark Gellyball

Step into the neon-lit arena of our Glow in the Dark Gellyball battleground. Armed with high-velocity gellyball blasters and donned in glow-in-the-dark gear, you'll face off against friends and foes in an adrenaline-pumping showdown. It's a fast-paced, heart-pounding, and immersive experience you won't find anywhere else.

Unforgettable Night of Frights

Join us for a night you won't soon forget. The Zombie Shoot is the ultimate haunt experience, bringing together the thrill of paintball action, the terror of a haunted trail, and the excitement of glow-in-the-dark Gellyball battles. Are you brave enough to face your deepest fears and make it through the night?

Bring your friends, summon your courage, and get ready to scream, laugh, and cheer at the Zombie Shoot! This event promises to be a spine-tingling adventure that will leave you begging for more. Hurry, tickets are limited, and the horrors are waiting!


2023 Dates & Times

October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28



Admission Ticket (Includes Zombus, Haunted Trail, and Glow in the Dark Gellyball):

$40 per person
Extra Ammo for Zombus:

$10 for 100 rounds
Additional Information:

The base admission ticket of $40 grants access to all three main attractions: the Zombus, Haunted Trail, and Glow in the Dark Gellyball.
If you wish to extend your Zombus experience or enhance your chances of surviving the apocalypse, you can purchase extra ammo at a rate of $10 for every 100 rounds.

Concession stands and carnival games within the expanded midway may have their own pricing, so be sure to bring some extra cash for food and fun while enjoying the carnival atmosphere.
Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary based on the event's specific policies and any special promotions or group rates that may be offered.


  • Free Parking
  • Gift Shop
  • Snack Bar
  • Bonfire


Commando Paintball Sports

2055 W Frontier Rd, Little Suamico, WI 54141

44.748020 / -88.054000

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