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A Theater Of Lost Souls Presents: Nightmare Factory Haunt

The Berlin Tannery

235 S Wisconsin St, Berlin, WI 54923 (directions)


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****NOTE***** In the event of heavy rain, the factory does have an indoor waiting area...... One of the ony haunts in the area that does....

From A THEATER OF LOST SOULS PRODUCTIONS, Nighmare Factory Haunt has relocated to Berlin Wi for 2012 and has moved into the Berlin Tannery, a huge, scary, 75,000 square foot location that has a history almost dating back to the birth of the US!! The building actually had a huge fire in the 1920s and there have been several deaths that have taken place in it and several near deaths and serious industrial accidents as well. Perhaps because of the age of the building, or because of its history, the Berlin Tannery is recognized by the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters as REALLY being haunted. In fact, the Tannery is a favorite location for their investigations and they have several EVPS and photographic proof of the paranormal happenings at their web site: http://www.fvghosthunters.com/berlinwi-tannery-evidenceevpvideo/

While setting up the attraction this summer, the crew has experienced and have seen some things which can not be explained. We dare YOU to come and tour Wisconsin's ONLY TRUE haunted attraction located in a REAL hotspot of hauntings. During your app. 25-35 minute tour of the 25,000 square foot area we are haunting, you will see the Doctors Demented lab, Industrial Chaos, the electrical shock therapy room, the vampires lair and much more. You will walk through several areas where the natural creepiness and ancient machinery of the place has been enhanced with movie quality props and some of the best makeup and about 30 actors in the state. NOTE: We do ask that you dont take too much stock in some reviews posted on this site for this haunt or any others. It is not uncommon for some actors and even some haunt owners to post bogus reviews on this site not only praising their own haunt but also dissing other haunts as well. Unfortunately, it is part of the game and my advice to everyone is to visit as many haunts as possible. Most haunts are only open 10-15 nights this year, and then you have to wait til next year to get your haunt fix. We do apologize for the long lines at our haunt, sorry we are so popular. :) There are some attractions with over a 5 hour wait, and then they let groups in every 10 seconds or so leading to groups running into eachother and basically a "conga line haunt". We try to make sure your visit is as fun and spooky as possible. Therefore, we try to let groups in between 90 seconds and 3 minutes apart.....


2012 Dates & Times

October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 25-28

Box office opens at 6:15PM.
1st group of about 6 "souls" enters at 7:00PM, last group enters at 11:30PM, EXCEPT on Sunday when last group will enter at 9:30PM.


$20.00 gets you into the best haunt in the state

Speed Pass $10 extra gets you to front of line.

$45.00 VIP packages also available includes speed pass, goodie bag, t-shirt and ride in our funeral simulator.

As is standard policy at any haunted house, there are no refunds, no excuses.


Group rate of $18 per soul for groups of 13 or more.

Children's Matinee

Lights on, non scary tour of facility.
Note: We make the event as child friendly as possible by turning on all the the lights and turning off the robotic monsters and not staffing the haunt with scary monsters. 100% of the ticket sales will go to Wisconsin Children's Hospital and other charities.

October 27



Special Events

Don't forget, we have an indoor waiting area in case of bad weather.


The Berlin Tannery

235 S Wisconsin St, Berlin, WI 54923 | Event map

43.964707 / -88.946680

watch for our spotlight visable 15 miles out!!!!! From 41 and Oshkosh, take the hwy 44 exit, follow to 91 west. Follow into Berlin. Turn left on Wisconsin street, follow to the "dead end". Mwaaahaaahaaaa

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