NOTE: This is a 2010 listing. All information listed pertains to 2010 only and does not apply to 2022.

The Asylum

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Back in the mid 1900's the Eau Claire insane asylum was in operation housing dozens of the criminally insane and mentally disturbed individuals from society. Run by a group of doctors who cared not for their patients, but only the horrible experiments they ran, the place was a hell hole.

In October of 1950, in an effort to understand the inner workings of humans, this group of doctors created a being pieced together from the bodies of several inmates from the asylum both living and dead. Known as the patchwork man, the doctors kept him in isolation as they tortured and studied him. No longer a human but a creature with memories from several lives all of which were insane, the patchwork's mind was in constant battle within itself.

During an extensively long torture, the patchwork creature broke free of his bonds and slaughtered all of the residents and doctors. It was said that he found his own form of torture by toying with them before the final kill. Several rescue attempts were made by those from the outside to save the residents and doctors but no one who entered were ever seen again. Inhuman screams could be heard at all hours until the dreadful Asylum went completely silent on that 31st of October in 1950. The asylum has been boarded up ever since.

Every year on the anniversary of Patchworks's escape, you can hear the restless spirits as they scream and wail for a release that never comes. They still roam the hallways where they once lived and worked and some say The Patchwork man still haunts the grounds.

You are the first to enter the asylum in 60 years. Will you come out alive?

NOTE: This is a 2010 listing. All information listed pertains to 2010 only and does not apply to 2022.

2010 Dates & Times

October 15,16,21,22,2328,29,30,31

Oct 15 6PM-11PM
Oct 16 6PM-11PM
Oct 21 6PM-9PM
Oct 22 6PM-11PM
Oct 23 6PM-11PM
Oct 28 6PM-9PM
Oct 29 6PM-11PM
Oct 30 6PM-11PM
Oct 31 6PM-11PM

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$6.00 with a canned good to go to Feed My People


Eau Claire Expo Center
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