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Shakers Ghost Tour 3.0

Shakers Cigar Bar

422 S 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204 (directions)


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Many things do go bump in the night at Shakers…

For Spooky Season Only! Shaker’s will be offering an exclusive 3.0 Tour led by renowned Ghost Hunter, Michael Taylor.

Participate in a 3-hour investigation Masters Class (12:00 AM– 3:00 AM) starting with our 2.0 Ghost Tour led by a Shaker’s Tour Guide to set the stage on the historical and spiritual elements of the building and to learn about the many mysterious tales from those who have lived and died here.

Includes access to ghost hunting equipment such as digital voice recorders (for capturing EVPs), infrared thermometers, EMF detectors, divination rods and MORE! Spend the night exploring hot spots at this one of a kind Historic Venue with the help of experienced paranormal investigators.

Groups of 10 maximum – select souvenir gift from our Hangman Shop merchandise included – Spiritual Adviser present during tour for guidance – Use of drugs and excessive alcohol use is prohibited and will be escorted out if disruptive behavior affects the experience of others.

Book now before Halloween is over and get your panties scared off!

Sessions are restricted to a limited number of participants. This will fill up quickly and you should reserve your appointment with destiny today!

Bring your own Ghost Hunting equipment & paraphernalia, or use the house tools and toys. NO OUIJA BOARDS or drunken buffoonery allowed, else you be rejected from the tour. This is an opportunity for dedicated ghost hunting connoisseurs and is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Shakers 3.0 Tour is $150/person for the 3-hour expedition. Attendees receive a complimentary glass of Shaker's house cocktail, the Death in the Afternoon, at the beginning of the session to assist you in seeing the netherworld.


2022 Dates & Times

October 8, 29



$150/ person


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Shakers Cigar Bar

422 S 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

43.026750 / -87.912280

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