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Albany Paranormal Research Society

Albany Paranormal Research Society, also known as APRS, consists of a group of people with a common interest in the Paranormal who are willing to dedicate their time to research, investigate and document paranormal events and phenomena. We are based in Albany, NY and we serve the Capital Region of New York State and beyond.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team is located in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is research and development in the field of the paranormal. Our mission is not to prove to skeptics that ghost exist, but to learn as much as we can about the subject itself. Started in 1996 DPRT has grown in many ways. Some members of Dravenstar have had over a decade of research and investigation under their belts and others have been trained in various techniques that together form a close knit web of friendship and a genuine want to know more. It is our goal to remain professional and provide any help we can., your paranormal investigating equipment superstore. Over 100 products that can be directly applied to the study of anomalous phenomena. In-depth usage tips for equipment, diverse resource centers on paranormal fields; learn about global environment that may be effecting your investigations and up-to-date news on industry related events. Check out our great selection of EMF and Radiation meters, IR Thermometers, Air Ion Counters, Digital Thermometers, Anemometers, and much more.

Greater Midwest Paranormal Research Group

Greater Midwest Paranormal Research Group (G.M.P.R.G.) is one of the Midwest's Premier Paranormal groups. Located primarily in Milwaukee, WI, our group's primary objective is to help those with unique situations, and try to bring peace to an otherwise chaotic experience. This is accomplished by using several scientific methods. Methods that are both commonly used by the paranormal world, and some that are not used by any other group. We pride ourselves on being the leading paranormal group in terms of technology, training, diversity among our members, and new ways of communicating with the passed.

Haunted Bed & Breakfast Inns

Ghost Gallery Page of Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns.

Local Favorites - America's Famous Hauntings

Information and links to haunted places across America. (Thank you Kyle for sharing this link!)

Midwest Preternatural Research

We are paranormal investigators located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Area Paranormal Investigations

Milwaukee Area Paranormal Investigations is a small team of investigators located in SE Wisconsin. MAPI is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the paranormal from hauntings to cryptozoology.

Paradigm Shift Paranormal Investigations

Professional, experienced and discreet, serving south east and central Wisconsin. We specialize in investigation, education and research in the paranormal field. Our client base is primarily private residential and business investigations and events for local charities. Detecting and debunking activity and helping people be more comfortable in their own home. Investigation, education and researching the field of paranormal activity.

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) is a Milwaukee, WI based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity, using various scientific methods and equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable. No Charge. Confidential. Professional.

Peace of Mind Paranormal Society

We are a paranormal group based out of Pittsburgh Pa that has brought science to the paranormal. We use and develop all of our own equipment. Our main goal is to help you in the best ways that we can, THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. We are here to help.

Prairie Ghosts

Explore the haunted history of America with author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society.

Prairie Ghosts - Haunted Wisconsin

Wisconsin section of Prairie Ghosts.

Real Haunted Houses

Web site dedicated to real haunted houses and places around the world.

S.E.W.P.I.T - South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team

We are based out of Racine, WI and provide services to private residences, businesses and public locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and parts of Northwest Indiana. We go into every investigation with an open mind and base our findings on the evidence we collect during the investigation and research done about the location.

South Texas Paranormal Society

South Texas Paranormal Society is a team of Paranormal Investigators that network with fellow paranormal investigators all over the United States in an effort to expand knowledge, share resources, and bring respect and unity to the paranormal field. STPS approaches each case open mindedly and certain criteria must be met before labeling a location as haunted. We never use Ouija Boards or conduct Seances. We never charge for any paranormal investigations, consultation or support for our clients'. STPS provides our clients' with a nondisclosure agreement to ensure strict confidence and to protect the clients' anonymity. If you are experiencing unexplainable occurrences feel free to contact us, we can help. If you reside outside of the state of Texas, we can refer you to a reputable paranormal investigative team in your area.

Spooky Stuff

The paranormal has fascinated people for millennia. We look at the myths, the facts and the on-going controversies.

The Shadowlands

Dedicated to informing and enlightening visitors on such topics as ghosts and hauntings, mysterious creatures such as big foot and sea serpents, UFO's and aliens and many other unsolved mysteries.

The Shadowlands Haunted Places in Wisconsin

A list of cities and short stories.

TriCounty Paranormal Group

Founded in 1995, Tri County Paranormal is a family-run group of qualified investigators that are spread throughout Wisconsin & Illinois. Our collective experiences and vast backgrounds allow us to continually grow stronger in our mission. This group was created to prove or disprove the validity of paranormal activity in everyday environments.

UFO Alert

This web site is an attempt to document UFO sightings around the World. Please share your UFO experiences in our UFO Alert Files or read and learn about the experiences of others.

UFO Wisconsin

The UFO reporting, investigating, and education website for Wisconsin.

Voices Through the Static

Voices Through the Static EVP and Paranormal Research was formed in 2004. Since that time, we've conducted paranormal investigations at many purported paranormal sites and known haunted locations in the southern Wisconsin area and beyond.


Documents UFO sightings and abductions along with other paranormal activity in the state of Wisconsin.


W-I-P-S is based in Illinois, but our focus is in both Illinois and Wisconsin. We hope to bring credibility and positive attention to the paranormal in our area.

Washington County Paranormal

Strange sightings, bizarre beasts and paranormal experiences in Washington County, WI including West Bend, Jackson, Hartford, Kewaskum, Richfield and Slinger

Wausau Paranormal Research Society

Paranormal Investigators and TAPS Family Members based in Wausau, WI.

Weird Wisconsin

Devoted to weird Wisconsin phenomena, from bigfoot to vampires to werewolves to ghosts and more.

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