DIY Halloween Props, Projects & Ideas Links

2 Scary Guys

Strobe Ghost, Haunted Candelabra, Giant Spider, Scary Mannequins, Swamp Thang, Body Slinger, The Giant Hand, Airless Body Slinger, Foam Walls, Stone Walls, BigMouth & More!

A Haunted Halloween at Blackstone Cemetery

A Halloween Home Haunt in Brampton, Ontario with photos, videos & prop making instructions.

Alba's Halloween Madness

This web site will give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own haunted cemetery. Projects include Creepy Curtains, Hiding Wall, Porch Witch, Spider's Victim, Surprise Coffin, Tombstones and more.

Allen's Halloween Page

How-to descriptions of my home-built Halloween haunted house special effects with pictures and spooky links.

An Unorthodox Halloween

Tutorials: Monster Mud, Glove Mold Making 101, Shrunken Heads, Crystal Skulls and The BYOB (build your own Bob) project.

Creepy Nights on Calamo

Instructions and pictures of projects including Flying Witches, Fog Chiller, Haunted Doghouse, Graveyard Entrance, Well to Hell, Light Show, Dog House Surprise, Banging Mausoleum, Control Mausoleum, Bug Infested Carport, Cemetery Fence, and Haunted Cornfield.

Davis GraveYard

View how-to's for projects including the Flying Crank Ghost, Demon Skeleton, Video Projection, Animated Grave Digger, Mud-o-Vision and Cathedral Facade.

Demon Ware's Halloween Props Page

A page of many interesting prop ideas with pictures and instructions. Flying Crank Ghost, Swinging Chandelier, Following Faces, Haunted Bookcase, Escape Table, Bleeding Portrait, Skull & Bones, Tombstones, Scarecrow, Headless Horseman, Fencing and Gates, Bucky Surgery Kit & Skeleton and Grave.

Devious Concoctions

Cemetery gate, pipe organ, ghost heads, coffins, gargoyles and lots more!

DIY Halloween Decorations, Crafts, & Projects

Celebrate Halloween with these DIY Halloween decorating ideas, crafting and project ideas from

Do It

Tips on building and decorating a haunted house for the Halloween season.

Fright NIghts

Do it yourself projects include Cemetery Fence, Tombstones, Fog Chiller, Cheesecloth Ghosts, and Scary Lamp Post.


Haunted project how-to's including a coffin, entrance columns, graveyard fence, hellfire, haunted clock and more.

Ghosts of Halloween

Pictures of this yard haunt along with instructions for a Fog Chiller, Donation Box, Ethereal Ghosts, Maze Stuff, Stone Entrance, Dot Wall, Tombstones, Extended Hands, Iron Fence, Grave Coffin, Weathered Cloth, Pallet Walkway

Glen's Halloween Page

Instructions and pictures of Tombstones, a Coffin & the gate.

Gothic Nightmare

All of our Halloween prop projects are VERY cost-effective (read: Cheap). The most costly one is under $10 in materials! However, despite the low cost we still think they look great! Projects include Realistic Zombie Head, Sarah, the Ghost, Glowing Floating Skulls and Twitchy, the Torso.

Halloween Grave Yard

Projects include Skeletal Hands, Witches Cauldron, Terror in a Can, Pneumatic Air Cylinder and Demon Devil Dog.

Halloween Online Magazine

Converting your home into a place of Halloween dread can be a difficult and expensive ordeal. Check out our articles on Special Effect and Prop plans you can use. Vortex Effect, Black Light Magic, Fog Machine FAQ, Giant Spider Web, Do It Yourself Tombstones, A Witches Cauldron, The Corpse, Build A Phantasm Sphere, The Flying Crank Ghost & More!

Halloween PropMaster

Several prop how-to's including Wal-Mart Dancing Santa and blood waterfall.

Haunt Your House

This site will show how to create your own haunted house, yard, garage, or whatever you want to haunt. Our Guide for creating a haunt provides time tested advice covering many aspects of producing a haunt.

Haunted Illinois

Endless Hallway, Living Head on a Table, Living Head in an Empty Box, Metamorphosis Box, Flip-Flop Doors, Ghost Appears Effect, Motion Sensor Prop Control, Spinning Floor, Lightning Simulator & More!

Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA

Simple Halloween props and tips for your yard haunt. Quick Halloween yard haunt lighting, simple cemetery fence, easy gravestones and more.

Haunted Yards

Boarded up windows, flying crank ghost, cob web gun and more.

Haunter's List

Links that every home haunter should see.

Love Halloween? Learn how to make your Home or Yard Haunted! Info. on scenes, lighting, props, decorating, special effects, sound and more! You will learn how to make and create all of this and more!


A list of do-it-yourself props some with instructions including Freefog, Blinking Owl, Ratfeast, The Roof ghost, FCG Phantom, Jack & Dave, Epitaphs, & Tombstones.

Home & Garden Television

Steps on how to create several Halloween items.

How To Halloween

Create And Build Cool Halloween Decorations With Step-By-Step Plans From How To Halloween.

How To Haunt Your House - Hack Lab

Turn those store-bought props and decorations into one-of-a-kind Halloween creations or build your own with our online tutorials. Seance Party Table, Un-Fortunate Fortune Tellers Tomb, Monster Mud and more.

Kim's Halloween Party ideas

A great page with decorations, props, spooky pictures to print out and more.

Larry's Halloween Page

Plans to build some very effective scares including Trash Can Trauma, Mail box trauma, Hoover a dog with an attitude, Jacobs Ladder, Payback Pumpkin, The Can, How to build a pneumatic cylinder, Build a Bottomless Pit, Build a spider, Build a creature, Witch and Cauldron, The Leaping Loafer & Other Spooky Links.

Lothar's Lair

Many pictures and some instructions.

Mark's CreepZone

Haunted How-To's, Stories, Graphics and more. Plans include Skeleton-in-a-cage, Giant Spider, Glowing-Eye-Portrait and more

Monsterlist of Halloween Projects

The most complete collection of links to pages with do-it-yourself projects.

Moonlit Project

Instructions and pictures for the Haunted Tree, Rock Speakers, Eyes in the Bushes, Grave Stones &


Haunted house ideas: a beginner's "how-to" for creating an effective and truly horrifying haunt experience.

Piney Hills How To's

Some how-to's include Groundbreaker Coffin, Crypt, Flicker Candles & Gibbet Cage.

Pinterest - Haunted Wisconsin - DIY Halloween Props

Find tons of pins to DIY Halloween Props on Haunted Wisconsin's Pinterest page!

Popular Mechanics - Trash Bin Terror

Trash Bin Terror: DIY Halloween Haunted House Project


Pictures of some of Sam's projects.

Projects include a Rockin' Granny, Witch Stirring A Hanging Cauldron, Full-Size Toe-Pincher Coffin and 8-Foot Grim Reaper.

Shadow Valley Funeral Home

Pictures, prop ideas, video's and more

Spiders Preyground

How-to's and behind the scenes descriptions of my haunted, scary projects. There are "how-to's" and plenty of photographs on creating haunted props, microcontroller based haunt controllers (mostly using the Parallax Basic Stamp series of microprocessors) and various other projects that deal with the Haunted Attraction industry.

Spook Alley Projects

Links to other site with props and instructions including Pneumatics, Animatronics, Flying Crank Ghost, Alien, Graveyard Props, Tombstones, Haunted Manor & Skeletons.

Spooky Blue's Halloween Projects & Haunts

Projects include corpsing a skeleton, build a mausoleum, build an electric flickering candle lamp and more.

Spooky House Productions

Here you will find images and info on the development and creation of "Spooky House". Cemetery Fence, Grim Reaper and more.

The Dead End

Several projects with how to steps and pictures including Crypt for Helena, Monster Mud Tree, Davy Jones' Locker Sign, Treasure Chest and The Wailing Tree.

WildRice Halloween

Halloween Projects including Skeleton Animatron, Bouncing Bucky, Fog Chiller, and Old Laughing Bucky.

YouTube - How To

Halloween how-to videos.

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