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Submitted: Sep 23, 2013
Updated: Sep 23, 2013

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Horror in the Dark at Olin Park

Warning: the event information you are viewing is from 2013!

“Horror in The Dark at Olin Park” is the best haunted house in the Madison, WI area. It is run by the Madison Metro Jaycees and the purpose is to raise money for local charities. For 2013, we are again going with The Road Home, an organization dedicated to helping homeless families in Madison get back on their feet.

Upon entering the Haunted Hotel, you might come across some “guests” who perished in a terrible tragedy years ago. The owners and surrounding community will not speak of the tragedy that occurred, in fear it will awake the poltergeists that are still inhabiting the rooms. As the anniversary of the Hotel Tragedy approaches, the local residents cannot help but whisper about what happened there, and resurrect the lost souls. Each room and soul carries with it demons from the horrific tragedy. As you walk through each room, the souls often share their turmoil with passing guests. As you exit the Hotel, watch out for the lost souls in the woods that may have escaped the hotel, but not the hotels fate.


Dates: October 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 31, 2013

7pm - 10pm


$8 per person

General Information

Appropriate For: Tweens - Ages 10 and older
Scare Factor: Medium (provided by event)
Accessible: Not Wheelchair Accessible
Wait Area: No covered waiting area
Setting: Indoors and Outdoors
Organization: Charity / Nonprofit
Type of Event: Haunted Attraction, Haunted House

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