Onalaska Jaycees present Toxic Wasteland

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The Onalaska Jaycees Haunted House returns for its 36th consecutive season with "Toxic Wasteland" Previously, the Freaks had finally found a safe place to call home, known as "FreakHaven", founded by the Maniacal Duo Sinner and Gumbo the place attracted some colorful characters. Well, the Local Towns people did not take very kindly to the "freaks" living right in their backyard, so they developed a plan to turn the adjacent property into a Toxic waste dump,

Freakhaven suffered some casualties in the early weeks of the Toxins leaking into their air, water and food supply. The Freaks that survived, unwilling to give up their home had a new found sense of vengeance, and renamed Freakhaven to "Toxic Wasteland" and embraced their existence as Mutated Toxic Freaks.

The Toxic Sons were born out of necessity, a Rag tag group of Wasteland Warriors ready to defend against all enemies, the Store remains in operation whenever supplies can be found to stock its shelves, and Cletus has taken over the Toy Workshop, Reverend Demonik's Alter remains as a Shrine to him after he fell to the Toxins, Mama- who fed all the freaks also passed away, but her kitchen is still used as a place to get some.... food (if that's what you want to call the slop that comes out of there) The Toxic Twins will be ready to greet you when you pass by their room, as well as Smiley- who does not have much to smile about anymore....

The Wasteland has a few more surprises and New characters that you will have to come and experience in person, Can't wait to Scare I mean See..... you!!

2016 Dates & Times

October 14-15, 20-22, 27-29

Ticket Sales:
Thursdays (Student night) 6:30pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 6:30-10pm

Doors open 7:00pm

Cost & Discounts

$8.00 Fridays & Saturdays

Fast Track to Fear $20 per person (Only 20 available per night). Go right in and avoid the line (Offered Fridays and Saturdays ONLY).

(No offers, discounts, or coupons apply to the Fast Track to Fear promotion)

$2.00 off admission with TWO non-perishable food item/canned goods (Please no Ramen noodles)
(This offer is not applicable with any other offer, promotion, or discount.)

Thursday: Student discounts!
$5.00 admission with a VALID student I.D
(This offer is not applicable with any other offer, promotion, or discount.)

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How to Find Us



FROM HWY 16- Turn onto Main St. and go WEST until you arrive at Coulee Golf and Bowl...

FROM HWY 35- Turn onto Main street and go EAST until you arrive at Coulee Golf and Bowl...

FROM HWY 53- Take the Main St. Exit and go East Until you arrive at Coulee Golf and Bowl....

FROM COULEE GOLF AND BOWL, turn on to Green Coulee Road. and go .08 of a Mile until you see the 2 Silos on your left, then drive onto the sidewalk and down into the makeshift parking lot...


Clearwater Farm
760 Green Coulee Road
Onalaska WI 54650

Latitude / Longitude

43.894200 / -91.202480


La Crosse

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